E2 | The Melding Muse Podcast - Brendan Jarvis - The Space In Between

20 May 2024  —  ⏳ 1hr Podcast
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By @estyhimself

Yes! Finally, a design episode is here and my guest today is none other than Brendan Jarvis. A leading voice in the UX community with his podcast BRAVE UX, but he’s also the guiding force behind UX Research Lab, @TheSpaceInBetween

☕️ Over a cup of coffee, We delve into the heart of UX research and its pivotal role in shaping product design. We share our journeys of weaving AI (Artificial Intelligence) into our daily workflows, tackle the challenge of sifting through the clutter to find meaningful insights and discuss the essentials of desirability testing and effective leadership.

Whether you’re deep in the trenches of product design or just starting, this conversation is packed with practical tips and heartfelt advice to inspire your work.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the topics of our convo:
(02:41) – Impact of UX Research on Enterprise Products
(05:00) – ROI of UX Research 💸
(07:00) – Don’t blow up research!
(08:48) – Proto-personas, Proxi users & more. There is no excuse. But…
(10:40) – What people say vs what they do. 🤣
(11:52) – Example of how to turn a UX research sceptic 🤨
(14:49) – Aligning people is hard – The art of conducting alignment sessions. ⏲️
(18:59) – Building the right product in the first place. Desirability testing. 🪚
(23:38) – Be aware of the “L” word 👍
(25:16) – Artificial intelligence (AI) 🤖
(31:47) – How The Space In Between started 🛰️
(34:32) – Why focus on UX research? 🔬
(36:56) – A confronting moment 🍼
(37:44) – What are you now? Designer, Manager, Owner, Researcher or what?
(43:24) – Critical thinking. Advice to junior designers
(45:01) – Leadership. An honest retrospective.
(49:06) – Productivity. Productising life? ✅
(51:27) – Making decisions every day. Cognitive offloading with a twist ✨
(53:12) – Productivity for productivity’s sake is gonna help no one
(53:51) – Managing time effectively. Empathize – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test and Iterate
(55:46) – Building STICKY products. But if the user is forced to use your product. What then?
(58:15) – Designing a single product for completely different users.
(1:03:26) – Exclusive peak into what is coming up next in the BRAVE UX podcast & Melbourne’s DO24 conference.
(1:07:07) – Thank you guys for listening 🙏 – Drink water, exercise & ✌🏾


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The 🇳🇿 New Zealand-based 📱product designer, 🎨 graphic artist & 🏔️ adventure seeker from 🇨🇴 Colombia. Esty is the product design lead for the data science company Parrot Analytics. He’s also the director of Neziak Design Studio and artist & curator for Neziak Creative Collective.

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