Once Upon a Brand: The Spellbinding Magic of Storytelling in Brand Design

1 January 2024  —  ⏳ 5 min read
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By @estyhimself

What if I told you your brand could be the next Avatar or 🪄Harry Potter of the business world? No, you don’t need a fairy godmother or a wand. You need the magic of storytelling in brand design. It’s like being a bard in the kingdom of commerce, where your tale can turn a pumpkin of a brand into a chariot of success. 🎃

Why is storytelling key for brand design?

Think of It Like This: Your brand’s story is like that captivating guest at a party who everyone wants to listen to. They don’t just talk about themselves; they weave tales that make everyone feel part of something bigger.

Prime Example: Apple is like the Gandalf of the tech world. Their story is less about gadgets and more about a journey to revolutionize how we interact with technology.


Crafting Your Brand’s Fairy Tale

The Ingredients: A sprinkle of personality (your brand’s character), a cup of journey (your plot), and a dash of drama (conflict and resolution).

Practical Magic: Remember, your brand is the hero of its own saga. Does it slay the dragon of inconvenience? Does it rescue the damsel of poor customer service?

Visual Storytelling: Painting Your Brand’s Picture

More Than Meets the Eye: Every colour and line in your brand’s design is like a brushstroke in a masterpiece painting. It’s Van Gogh meets modern marketing.
Quick Tip: Choose a palette that tells your story. If your brand was a hero, what would it wear? Bold reds for bravery? Cool blues for tranquillity?

Telling Tales in the Digital Age

The Plot Twist: In the digital realm, your website is your castle, and your social media pages are the bards that sing your saga across the land.
Actionable Quest: Start a blog series detailing your brand’s adventures, or create Instagram stories that give a sneak peek behind the royal curtains.

We can help you

Get in touch for a free consultation. Our team is excited to hear about your project and help you creating products and brands that leaves a lasting impact.

The Happily Ever After: Measuring Success

The Crystal Ball: Use the magic mirrors of analytics to see how your story resonates with the common folk (also known as your audience).
Tools of the Trade: Dive into engagement rates, customer feedback, and sales figures to gauge if your story is more fairy tale or horror story.

Conclusion – Your Brand, The Storybook Hero:

Every brand has a story to tell, whether it’s a tale of overcoming giants (in the market) or a quest for the Holy Grail (of customer satisfaction). The trick is to tell it in a way that captivates and converts. Remember, in the kingdom of branding, the pen (and the design) is mightier than the sword. Just like the iconic partnership of Nike and Michael Jordan, your story can elevate your brand to legendary status. Find your narrative, embrace it, and let it guide your brand to new heights. Here is another blog on this topic with a lot more depth we recommend if you want some more info on this topic.

Ready to enchant the market with your brand’s story?  Let’s conjure up a narrative so compelling, that your audience will be spellbound. Contact us, and let’s turn your brand into a legend.

About the author

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Esteban Garcia Romero

AKA @estyhimself

The 🇳🇿 New Zealand-based 📱product designer, 🎨 graphic artist & 🏔️ adventure seeker from 🇨🇴 Colombia. Esty is the product design lead for the data science company Parrot Analytics. He’s also the director of Neziak Design Studio and artist & curator for Neziak Creative Collective.

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